Regards to Filipino Feature and you may Evaluative Dimensions

Regards to Filipino Feature and you may Evaluative Dimensions

We together with observed abstract resemblances within Filipino size to have social jobs and you can effects and many regarding Goldberg’s (1982) conceptually-derived categories to own personal opportunities, matchmaking, and you can effects throughout the English vocabulary. Specifically, Filipino Prominence generally seems to involve terms and conditions for the Goldberg’s Glory, Dictate, Dominance, and Importance classes. Filipino Uselessness (inversely) is comparable to Goldberg’s Ability category. Romantic abstract correspondences are also visible between Filipino Elegance and Goldberg’s Appeal, and you will anywhere between Filipino Respectability and Goldberg’s Esteem. Filipino Charisma appears to encompass a lot of Goldberg’s Interest, Attraction, and you may Activity-value groups, and several words during the Goldberg’s Interest category also convergence with Filipino Uniqueness. Filipino Dangerousness is much like Goldberg’s Popularity, Fearsomeness, and Antagonism kinds, and Filipino Destructiveness including overlaps that have Goldberg’s Antagonism. Needless to say, a few Filipino size which might be discussed mostly by the physical characteristic terminology, Energy and you may Presentableness, do not frequently correspond closely to almost any off Goldberg’s kinds out of public jobs and you may outcomes (even if Goldberg’s Styles category is sold with “presentable” since a phrase). We need to observe that i don’t you will need to construct marker bills for Goldberg’s (1982) conceptual groups and their thinking-statement framework throughout the English language is unfamiliar. Total, not, our very own abstract comparison signifies that you will find a large amount of cross-social resemblance on the biggest types of social opportunities and you will outcomes, and therefore some of Goldberg’s alot more refined conceptual classes you are going to mix towards bigger dimensions inside mind-statement data.

Enough Goldberg’s shorter classes, plus Nurturance, Succorance, Adjustment, Clearness, Responsibility, Forgivability, Styles, Politics, Sex, and you will Religion don’t exhibit much abstract similarity to the Filipino size of social and you can bodily qualities

Having fun with joint component and you will regression analyses, i showed that all the social and you may physical attribute size have been meagerly so you’re able to strongly related to no less than one Filipino feature and you will evaluative dimensions. The newest clearest exclusion try the little Presentableness measurement. Inspite of the personality-benefits judgments in our Filipino informants, the latest Presentableness measurement, which had been comprised of physical appearance functions (elizabeth.g., presentable, brush vs. dirty), might provide faster facts about identity than the almost every other societal and you may real feature size. Additionally, new Prominence and you will Appeal proportions-more another public and you will bodily characteristic size-seem to address qualities that are fairly distinctive line of conceptually from the Filipino feature and you can evaluative dimensions.

The brand new correlations receive anywhere between the social size plus the attribute characteristic proportions suggest that terms to have societal opportunities, statuses, and effects will get mirror societal effects on the sorts of characteristics. In reality, Angleitner et al. (1990) recommended that societal positions and you can statuses echo this new feeling that traits has into the others. Such, Filipinos with Gregariousness characteristics will tend to be demonstrated from the themselves while others in terms of the public services that define the new Charm dimensions (e.g., causes pleasure otherwise happiness). Likewise, Filipinos who’ve Conscientiousness attributes will tend to be demonstrated when you look at the regards to Respectability personal characteristics (age.grams., respected, honorable). These you’ll links anywhere between traits and societal reputations could well be checked out directly in future browse by the correlating mind-studies towards the attribute dimensions which have observer evaluations toward public and real feature proportions.

In particular, because of the relationships from worry about-imagined appeal so you’re able to personal really-becoming (Diener, Wolsic, & Fujita, 1995), and body picture in order to each other worry about-respect and you may dining conditions (Mintz & Betz, 1988), the latest Elegance dimension you can expect to bring an important inclusion inside the clinical comparison

An applied implication in our results is the fact not very much will be shed by examining only the Filipino feature and you may evaluative size. Actually, given the result of new combined parts analysis ( Desk 2 ), specific words for societal and bodily properties can also be additional to help you established feature and you can evaluative bills. not, if an individual was to put additional size, outside the trait and you will evaluative size, the most appropriate applicants might be Prominence and you may Elegance. The fresh new Stature measure create determine worry about-recognized social standing or condition, as Elegance level carry out determine care about-thought of actual attractiveness and you may charm.