The film highlights toddlers issues eg love s, end away from school 12 months, inquiries on the upcoming, first love, training

The film highlights toddlers issues eg love s, end away from school 12 months, inquiries on the upcoming, first love, training

Thai drama movie and you will lasts 2h07mn. The film had four Thai cinema awards, i.e. most useful celebrity, top help actress, finest motion picture and greatest photos. The film got detailed within Thai customs flick listing in the season 2016. It is predicated on 410 tweets sent from the a facebook affiliate. It enjoys several toddlers, Mary and Em, thinking regarding their upcoming. Star Krissada Sukosol is having a job since the teacher. Per tweet try shown to your display to own understanding that’s linked to a primary video series.

Most of the teenage films is actually comedies, drama, tips or thrillers. Teenager clips is actually films one to expose new Thai adolescent indicates and you may out-of thinking, the relationship between relatives and the ones anywhere between teenagers and you may people. Larger audio companies, such as for example RS Venture and you will Grammy Recreation used the more youthful pop music celebrities to get part of the characters. Teenager movies expose simply canine like.

In the end Nit drops from inside the despair since she loves Tam however, Tam is already finally finds out work from inside the Bangkok financial and you will pleased partners every day life is started again that have O

Tam (????) was a student. He requires most jobs when he does not are from a wealthy family. He rents a home to a tight proprietor, having a few d tries to seduce the first d try an evening teacher (???????) and you can shows the next teen girl titled O (???), who is somewhat stubborn (????) and never ready to understand (??????????????). The father thinks O has an event that have Tam. The father is actually traditional style (???????? ). He continues to help the woman covertly due to messages invisible inside books (No texts and you may talk during the 1976!). Like exists anywhere between O and you will Tam in spite of the dad’s monitoring. Tam needs to explore tips in order to has been following the lawyer knowledge. He must discover key to acquire money to get rid of to help you spend his knowledge. The daddy threatens Tam to force your to go away however, to help you zero avail. Eventually O and Tam can get partnered. So it film serie from the Piak Poster incorporated four opus, we.e. ??????? (1976), ????????? (1977), ?????????? (1978), ??????? cuatro (2005). So it basic opus was a break having 1970s video whilst was the first successful teenager flick in addition to the fresh progressive stars (Phairoj and Lalana) and particularly progressive music. It was the first adolescent movie, and this altered nearby trend where the chief star needed to end up being always respectful, good-looking which have a robust body. The new movie director, Piak Poster, used a separate star, Phairoj Sangwaribut, who was quite narrow. At the beginning, the movie was a failure. No theaters had been interested to display it the brand new 6th October 1976 sad situations only taken place. Piak Poster revealed they into the children and you will an excellent feedbacks started to give. Nice modern songs and you can guitar activities aided to help you popularize the film. In the long run they reaped 8 millions Baht. ???? and ??? became popular nicknames in that months.

Et, a photographer, including likes Nit

Tam is becoming a great junior lawyer (????????) but he wishes to score a new employment as he doesn’t complement really which have lawyer occupations conditions. He is as well sweet are a powerful attorney. Whenever you are browsing their brand new performs, his cab hurts other automobile (??????????????). There are objections as the Tam assists the taxi rider to acquire more damage charge about steeped motorist. The brand new steeped holder auto try his the fresh boss! Therefore Tam quits his the new business. He finds a new jobs as the fire-extinguisher supplier it is weak once more (?????). Very in the long run Tam finds out work given that design (??????) having a modern-day gowns creator. The guy matches Nit, a female working as singer and you may design. Tam wishes to features relationship merely. O starts to become envious as many people such as photo out-of Tam inside the guides. Tam cannot learn O’s reluctance (??????????????). So you can difficulties your, O will get a design including but Tam you should never sit most other males placing comments on their wife. They both prevent which business. They find yourself their model community dancing on good podium having showy clothing because it was the brand new disco day and age. Tam still fits Nit however, while the a buddy. Tam try hiding funds from his partner because pocket-money. Tam knows Nit’s elder sister as he is just one to condemn the woman when he had been a legal professional (???????). Have a tendency to so it friendship grow to be like? Tam starts to go back home late and offering bad reasons. O sees Tam and you may Nit in a vehicle. Problems occurs (??????????). Tam argues you to Nit has already been Et’s girlfriend. Nit asks Mais aussi to tackle the woman sweetheart role to get rid of troubles between Tam and you may O. Here is the second opus away from Wai Into the Los angeles Claimed by movie director Piak Poster. Same pattern since the prior motion picture Wai On La Claimed (???????) was used, we.age. progressive musical including ????? ?????, accessibility English words in the Thai phrases. The film made 9 many baht at Thai cinema box work environment.